Case Studies

Case Study

Nano Inspecting an Operating Water Well

A small community in Vermont relies on one gravel-packed well to supply water to about 100 homes. In 2016, the production rate of the well dropped by 50% overnight, requiring the pump to run nearly continuously to meet the water demand.

Case Study

Dual Scan Video Surveys

GeoVISION borehole video systems have been used in a variety of research applications, including mine subsidence studies, hydrogeological research, and glaciology.

Case Study

Nano Fishing

The 3/4 inch Nano camera is ideal for fishing efforts to retrieve drilling equipment, tools, and pumps that have dropped to bottom of a borehole. The Nano camera does not have a fish-eye lens, since these lenses give a distorted view (unless you are a fish), but utilizes a wide-angle lens to provide a large field of view without distortion.