Field Repair Kit

The GeoVISIONTM Field Repair Kit contains replacement parts and instructions to contend with the most common field problems.  The kit contains a Cable-End Replacement Kit, a Voltage Setting Kit and a replacement gray 15 Foot Modular Cable.

The Cable-End Replacement Kit contains everything necessary to replace the connector on the end of a GeoVISIONTM winch cable.  This kit can be used in the field in the event of an emergency; however, permanent replacement requires a soldering iron or gun as well as 24 hours for the epoxy to dry.

The Voltage Setting Kit allows you to reset the output voltage from the Control Panel in the event that the winch cable must be shortened.  This kit does not include but requires the use of a meter capable of reading DC voltage.

The gray 15 Foot Modular Cable replaces either the Encoder Cable or the cable Between the Control Panel and the winch in Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty systems.

The kit consists of the following:

  •  Instructions
  •  2-Ton Epoxy
  •  Cable Connector
  •  1/32-Inch Hex Key
  •  Voltage Breakout Cable
  •  Gray 15 Foot Modular Cable


8 Ounces (227 grams)
1 Ounce (30 cc)


Deluxe Yes