Case Study

Nano Fishing

Fishing With the Nano Camera

The 3/4 inch Nano camera is ideal for fishing efforts to retrieve drilling equipment, tools, and pumps that have dropped to bottom of a borehole. The Nano camera does not have a fish-eye lens, since these lenses give a distorted view (unless you are a fish), but utilizes a wide-angle lens to provide a large field of view without distortion. 

The Nano camera can lowered directly into the well, or through a small diameter pipe if there are multiple obstructions in the well bore. Based on the visual observations of the objects in the bore, proper tools can be employed to retrieve the lost items. Much like the surgery scopes or cameras used by surgeons in delicate operations, the Nano camera can be used during the actual retrieval efforts (just remember to remove the camera first before pulling out the lost items!). Below is a video clip in a 6-inch water well where the 1-inch galvanized drop pipe fell to the bottom of the well, along with the pump cable, leaving a tangled mess. Various tools were used in attempts to latch on to the pipe, while viewing the operation with the Nano camera. Unfortunately, this fishing operation was not successful, but the video was shared with the customer who was satisfied with the effort. Check out the video here.